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along kicking and screaming. the naacp, phillip randolph, the most import african-american labor union in the country, the presidents of historically black colleges and universities, formed a coalition in the 1930s, 1940 to plus for african-americans inclusion in the air force. they saw this as the tip of the iceberg. and forcing the federal government to create greater opportunities for african-americans, giving them a chance to prove their patriotism, the competency so that they could use that to further civil-rights goals after the war. they were able to force president roosevelt to create the program in 1940 and the wave that came about as interesting. the naacp had been calling for this in 1937. every year at their annual meeting they passed a resolution that the united states army air corps, all the branches of the armed services but the air corps in particular because this was considered the cream of the crop, the most technologically advanced, if you think about what pilots looked like in the 1940s with their leather jackets and stars and bottles these with a masculine ideal of
, president of the san francisco naacp. and i just want to simply say that, number one, the issue of incarceration in this nation will be at the top of the agenda at the naacp national convention in los angeles next week. number two, as we think about the topic, realignment, as it pertains to those inmates who are incarcerated from the state to the county, might i suggest that maybe he would do ourselves a favor by first having a realignment of our thinking. i want to recommend that everybody gets this book and reads it. chairman mirkarimi: "the new jim crow" right? great book. great book. >> my by she will alexander dealing with the mass incarceration in the age of so-called colorblindness. if we read it, it just might help our thinking on this issue. thirdly, i wish to say that we appreciate all of the data that has been given and all the representation that's come from the various departments. but i'm missing something here. we are missing something. not much was said about what goals or visions we are setting. i just read an email by the chief executive officer of naacp. [tone
francisco naacp says that the racial profiling of a passenger because of saatchi pants and the month of june. 20 year-old was asked by flight crew to pull up his sagging pants he refused. the airline had them removed. today the naacp's staged a protest outside the u.s. airways ticket counter. they want an apology. churls clifford was at the airport. details. charles clifford-- >> we're not dealing with just threats. >> the president of the naacp says the u.s. air was removed the show on not because of this clothing because he was black. >> this type of profiling african american males must stop and this nation. there is why there is a disproportionate number of locked up. >>reporter: the airline has maintained that he was removed because was being disruptive and is failed to follow the flight crew instruction. brown is not buying it. >> this is inconsistent. theological and insensitive this entire issue started around his sacking pants it is illogical. u.s. air has committed a white cross dresser to fly from florida to phoenix, arizona. nobody arrested him. >>reporter: later this week will p
international airport. protestors are trying to get the airline to meet with the naacp about the deshon marman case. last month he was removed from a flight and arrested after failing to pull up his sagging pants. the naacp claims it was a case of racial profiling because marman was black. >>> lay love notices going out to 200 superior court workers in san francisco. the layoffs are because of state budget cuts which are expected to affect courts and other counties. hardest hit, civil courts. this will mean longer waits for civil suits, divorce, traffic tickets. >>> out at muni in at bart. that could be the story for nathaniel ford. the "chronicle" reports a headhunter has approached him about the general manager's job at bart. he was recently forced out of the top job at muni. now he is being considered to replace dorothy dugger, who was forced out as the bart's gm. >>> time for a check of traffic and weather. kristy, we have to get up and get out. will the sun help us? >> yes. we'll see sunshine later on this afternoon but we are going to see a slight chance of some sprinkles to the north o
want the airline to meet with the naacp about the deshawn marvin case. last month, marvin was removed from a flight and arrested after he allegedly refused to pull up his sagging pants. well, the naacp claims that this was a case of racial profiling. >>> get ready for longer waits at the courthouse. this morning, 200 superior court workers in san francisco received pink slips. and the layoffs are because of state budget cuts, which are expected to affect courts in other counties as well. and hardest hit will be the civil court. this will likely mean longer waits for procedures like civil suits, divorces, restraining orders, and clearing up traffic tickets. >>> 22 san jose firefighters who were laid off last year will begin retraining today. they were rehired on friday. after the city received a two-year federal grant. after several weeks of a refresher academy, they are expected to be back on duty by september. 27 other firefighters have found other jobs since they were laid off. the city will have to hire replacements for them. >>> out at muni, in at bart. that could be the story for
you. >> thank you, supervisors. in a representative of the naacp. i am working with the education and youth community. we're supportive of recology on different matters. one in particular is the work force hiring efforts in bayview- hunters point. they have given many of the residents there opportunities to grow and prosper. they are also supportive in their education efforts. they are very proactive on environmental issues. they are very supportive of cultural activities. once again, the naacp is very supportive of recology so that they can continue to do the great work that they do here in san francisco with the local hiring and things of that nature. thank you. supervisor chu: thank you. >> i appreciate your time, supervisors. i am speaking in support of the recology contract, and i am presenting letters from other business owners in the yuba center area who wished to support -- who wished to support but were not able to attend. i kept seeing things in the paper, but i have yet to run into anybody opposed to the landfill project. it was approved, by the way, by unanimous suppor
a lawsuit against u.s. airways. he is supported by the naacp who was out here at the terminal demanding justice. >> what do you want? when do you want it? >> reporter: picketers chanted loudly in front of u.s. airways. >> pull up your corporate pants. they are sagging when it comes to the issue of justice. >> reporter: members of the naacp are demanding u.s. airways apologize to the man who was arrested after he ignored requests to pull up his pants. he says he did comply but his pants kept filing down. he is a student that university of new hampshire -- new mexico. >> i felt like i was being targeted. >>> the naacp believes he was racially profiled. they want u.s. airways to review its policies and have its employees go through sensitivity training. a spokesman says, it's never been about race or dress code. some passengers at sfo who saw the protest agreed with the airline. >> somebody like that could create an unsafe environment on a plane if there is an emergency exit procedure. >> while he hopes for justice he is trying to focus on setting and playing in the football season. repor
are being expelled more than others. the naacp is taken its concerns to the federal government. >> the historical event in anne arundel county. >> it was considered an historic agreement between the school system and the naacp, to set new benchmarks to reducing suspensions and expulsions. that was in 2005. there are still some concerns. >> there were no decisions made on changing school policy at this particular meeting. there was much discussion about policies and procedures on disciplinary actions and how the kids are disciplined in the school system. >> the naacp complaint is on behalf of african-american students. this past year, four african- american students were expelled from schools. that is a sharp decline compared to the 2005 numbers, which were 211. rights leaders say there is room for improvement. >> we're always tinkering around the edges of education. we need to make some serious changes. our children are falling apart. they are dying. some are dying and some, it is a slow death by a lack of educational opportunities. >> the two size will been seen their stocks w
jealous of the naacp on the latest republican efforts to block the vote. the faa shutdown. just how much does that cost and how many jobs does it kill? >>> good to have you with with us tonight, folks. have you digested what we witnessed last night on american television? well, john boehner clearly is not a leader. the speaker of the house is desperately trying to get enough members of his party to sign on to his plan to hold president obama accountable? boehner held a house republican caucus meeting 12 hours after he lied about president obama in front of a national audience. last night boehner said something that really caught my attention and the attention of "the ed show" audience. take a look. >> the sad truth is that the president wanted a blank check six months ago and he wants a blank check today. this is just not going to happen. >> boehner took the same garbage to the real leader of the republican party today. >> what happens when we get to next april when this new trillion-dollar line of credit that's being added expires and we're right back where we are today? >> well, that's
airport. protestors are trying to get the airline to meet with the naacp about the deshon marman case. last month marman was removed from a flight and arrested after he failed to pull up his sagging pants. the naacp says it was a case of racial profiling because marman is black. >>> this is a day for layoff notices for 200 superior court workers in san francisco. the jobs reduction is because of state budget cuts which are expected to affect courts in other counties, as well. hardest hit though are civil courts. this will likely mean longer waits for procedures like civil suits, divorces, restraining orders and clearing up those traffic tickets. >>> all right. 5:06. let's check traffic and weather. kristy, we are starting off the workweek, hope you have some good news. >> i do. it's a fairly clear start this morning, although there is a system that's sitting to the north of us that's going to bring some showers concentrated to the north of the sonoma county line. but we could see a slight chance of some rain very slight, just some sprinkles, in the north bay today but for everybody el
, and is now touring lyrics for lockdown. one of those is sponsored by the naacp. i learned that he is beginning rehearsals for the remakes of "the wiz." let's welcome him. [applause] our moderator for this afternoon, world renowned anti- racist, multicultural educator. [applause] yes. as many of you in the audience know, she is an accomplished front line teacher. a teacher, educators, researchers, writers, consultant, speaker. she is like a mother, auntie, big sister, all in one, for me. she has taught in canada, the caribbean, and the u.s. and has been involved in the development of teachers for two decades. she consults on anti-racist inclusion very and equitable education. she assists school districts and schools to continually restructure themselves for equitable outcomes for all students. the initiative put that puts race -- she designed the initiative that puts race on the table. she is the virtual scholar for teaching for change. she is the author of "reality check," a major report on education. maybe conversation began. >> this is an occasion when we are going to talk acros
child endangerment charge autos san francisco chapter of the naacp says a lawsuit against u.s. airways is eminent from deshaun marman's family. and this group ticketed today and says it plans to call for a national campaign against u.s. air. they're upset over last month's arrest at a u.s. airways crew accused him of refusing to pull up his pants. >> this kind of profiling of african american sales must stop this, is why there is a disproportionate number locked up. >> and a spokesperson tells abc 7 news it looks forward to quote, continuing the dialogue, and the airline has said it's biggest problem with the incident is marman's refusal to follow crew's order autos and there is something astonishing to think about. there is an effort to develop a car that would allow blind people to drive. >> it's an incell kredible concept. >> and there is one tas that can seems out of the question for the blind is driving. but not so, say researchers they're showing a car they're developing for the blind and sight impaired. it's equipped with sensors that send signals. the researchers say there is a
when it re-airs at 2:00 p.m. right here on "msnbc sunday." >>> the 102nd annual naacp convention is now under way in las vegas. delegates have mapped out a week-long agenda, the theme of which is "affirming america's promise." a variety of topics and challenges are on the roster, one of which includes the looming debt crisis that has all but gridlocked lawmakers on capitol hill. hillary shelton is the naacp senior vice president for policy, and he joins me now. good day to you. i'm sure you have better weather there than we do here. >> good day. yes. i just flew in from washington, d.c. and it is a lot nicer in los angeles right now. >> i'm sure you stepped off the plane at l.a.x. and got a sigh of relief. but before we get started hillary i want to ask you about some of the topics and the goals at this year's convention. how many differ from past years' gatherings, and are the challenges just as great? >> well, they absolutely are, as a matter of fact. the different obstacles as we talk about things like the debt ceiling, the challenges of african-american males in our society, the iss
to leave the plane. district attorney's office kneid decided not to file charges. naacp wants to clearer outline on the dress code policy. we called them for a comment on today's order but they have not returned our calls. >> layoff notices will be mailed out to about 200 san francisco employees today because of state budget cuts. presiding judge is holding a news conference right now to outline the cuts. in addition to the layoffs, the county plans to close nearly two dozen courtrooms. they say that obtaining criminal and civil records will take months and getting a divorce could take a year and a half. all court clerks will be forced to cut their hours. this is a result of state courts trying to figure out how to deal with the loss of $350 million in state funding this year. officials have warned that at least that much will have to be cut next year. >>> the house is expected to vote on a republican debt cutting plan as soon as tomorrow. democrats don't like it. so-called plan is set to pass the house. it would allow the government to borrow $2.4 trillion and adoption of a balanced bud
complained and nothing was done about that that's why the naacp got involved and several discos supervisors and there was a protest and that protester prosecutors should not go after merman. we will find out in about two hours from now >> new video coming out of the legal case the d.a.'s office is releasing this video he pled deals the and the abduction of jaycee dugard this video was taken between 1989 and 1993 this home video shows nancy filming children on a playground and in the video you hear him and she is clearly pointing the camera at children. in another video we're seeing a parole officer is stopped by the palvisit to his town. the parole agents of visited down over 60 times and not once the date is finding jaycee dugard. >> a teen curfew has been approved in concord. so what does this mean for our teenagers? >> they need to be in school during school hours. last night the city council unanimously passed this daytime curfew and the student that is in public school or needs to be in school or will be picked ups. the trusty raid as a cup become so bad. now finds will be issued if th
. >>> a lawsuit is heating up. the anne arundel county branch of the naacp filed a complaint with the u.s. department of education saying african american students he and teachers were being treated badly in anne arundel schools. naacp represent tfs say they are being denied e-- representatives are being denied equal education opportunities. >>> debt talks resume today. a 90-minute meeting on monday showed no sign of progress. president obama says he won't sign a short-term deal and is insisting on a long-term solution. congressional leaders are expected to meet with the president and vice president before four this afternoon at the white house. the president says that the session will be an every day affair until there's an agreement. >> i want to get there i want to do but i think in the best interest of the country but it takes two to tango. and they are not there yet. >> lawmakers have until august 2nd when the government would default. experts say wall street could get worse as well if the deal can't be reached very soon. >>> closer to home maryland marriage equality advocates anno
. no injuries were reported. >> l san francisco chapter of the naacp plans to call for a national campaign against u.s. airways over the arrest of a man wearing sagy pants. group picketed today at san francisco international airport. they are upset over last month arrest of this man at sfo after u.s. airway flight crew accused him of revving to pull up his pants. protestors say since u.s. airway recently allowed a cross dresser to fly, his arrest is racial profiling. >> we are not dealing with dress. we are dealing with discrimination pl and that is obvious based on the fact that have been presented to us. >>reporter: spokesperson for u.s. airway tells 7 news it looks forward to quote continu continuing the dialogue with the naacp. san francisco chapter says it has not heard from the airline. >>> san leandro cop accused of giving more than a pound of marijuana to a confidential informant also his mistress has turned in his badge. 38-year-old jason frederickson had already entered a plea of not guilty to charges of transporting and furnishing marijuana for sale. he remains free on
of the teacher's union and the naacp that brought chancellor walcott's education reform. the lawsuit that has been decided against the naacp last week. some shrink from that disruption preferring to sacrifice the futures of the many who need an education for the welfare of the few who are charged with providing that education but are falling short. the future of african-american literacy and education in harlem will depend on the outcome of battles like these and in whose favor they are resolved. the battle is over and the students won this time. parents will get to choose where they can send their children. but it may not always be so. for the first four score and seven years after the declaration of independence declared that all men were created equal it was illegal to teach a slave to read and write. wasn't just -- it was illegal. people could go to jail for teaching african-americans to read or write. the prohibition was not unconsidered. those who decreed it and enforce it knew that slavery could not prosper in an environment where slaves got the opportunity to get education and freedom
child was taken from us. >> a san francisco chapter of the naacp plans to call for a national campaign over u.s. airways over the arrest of a man wearing sagging pants. the group picketed and are upset over the arrest of deshaun marman after a u.s. airways crew accused him of refusing to pull up his pants. they say since u.s. airways had allow aid cross dresser to fly and they believe it's racial profiling. >> we're not dealing with a threat. we're dealing with discrimination and that is obvious based on the fact that has been presented to us. >> a spokesperson for u.s. airways tells abc 7 news it looks forward to quote, continuing dialogue with naacp. the san francisco chapter says it's not heard from the airline. >> acl su. joining the court battle to block a measure banning male circumcision in san francisco. that would make the circumcision of a male younger than 18 a misdemeanor carrying a fine of up to a thousand dollars or a year in jail. there would be no religious exemption to the ban except the fact jews and muslims consider it part of their religion. jewish and muslim groups
. the naacp says the fight in this case is far from over. our vic lee is in the newsroom with more on this for us. vic? the naacp's reverend brown says she want -- they want to meet with executives from u.s.
the naacp and other community groups plan to pick a u.s. airways after the recent arrest of a 20 year-old deshon marman. he was arrested in june at sfo trying to get on an airplane and they said that his pants were too low showing his underwear, they ask him to pull up his pants, they said that he replied no, they called police and arrested them for various small charges. the charges were dropped because the district attorney decided that he was not going to press any charges. that was last week, the san mateo county d.a. said no new charges would be filed. deshon marman says he is planning a loss against the airline. >> the time is 7 07 a.m.. most of the country is dealing with extreme heat, not here in the bay area. >> let us take a look at san jose, temperatures this morning are looking okay. a lot of sunshine. the currently 57 and this slowly warming into the south bay. we will continue to do so until this afternoon. 79 is a high this afternoon. that is a great shot out of san jose. relatively clear skies. a lot of sun coming down. here is a quick look at temperatures and where
in the saggy pants discrimination case against u.s. airways. the demand the naacp has made for airline executives. >>> housing crunch at san jose state. it's all ahead on the ktvu morning news.
was arrested on suspicion of battery of a police officer, resisting arrest and trespassing. the naacp says us airways racially profiled him. the san mateo county's d.a.'s office has until the end of the week to decide whether to file charges. >> a fireball destroyed their neighborhood. families affected by that san bruno blast say they are being victimized again. they are outraged by new court filings from pg and e where they say they shouldn't be responsible for millions of dollars in claims. we have reaction the developments. a lot of people say this is something pg and e had to do legally but the company is still trying to make amends with the actual victims. >> reporter: that's right. that's actually what pg and e said late this afternoon. nonetheless neighbors here don't rebuild as in court a massive litigation don't pile up against pg and e who filed this document listing 30 reasons, actually more than 30 reasons why it should not be forced to pay damages. it's been ten months since a pipeline explosion in san bruno killed eight people and levelled dozens of homes. the memories still fr
of choice? i am dr. annette shelton, third vice president of the san francisco branch naacp, and 83- year-old organization in the city and county of san francisco. i rise to ask you to support the resolution that has been submitted to you by supervisor cohen that surrounds the issue of the mr. marmon. your voice is important to our community. as the speaker before me said, the saggy pants issue is picked up by other nationalities of youth. but this has nothing to do with saggy pants in the underlying situation. it is about justice for all. that is justice for all. thank you. president chiu: next speaker. >> good afternoon, supervisors. i would like to take this time to think supervisor -- thank supervisor cohen for your support, for your endless time that you have put into this situation with this. by the way, the whole family -- our family is related to the family. also, espinosa jackson is related as well. so you never know whose family member you are doing these types of things to. as i reflect back on the homeless issue, i have seen so many people who may not fit right. they do not ne
francisco naacp and our church -- the thing that kind of really gets me is that we love to talk about the environment, but somehow, those who seem so concerned by the environment never allow children who are hurting and living in poverty, people who are unemployed, somehow, those people never disturb their environmental landscape. that messes with my environment. having clean air does not do me any good if it is being preached by unemployed, hurting, and hungry people. we need this economic revitalization and we need to move this forward. thank you so much. supervisor campos: thank you. next speaker? next speaker. i would ask that we respect each other. everyone has an opinion. >> thank you. my name is sheila. i am not with none of these people. i want to say one thing. this is an inhaler, right here. this is an inhaler that a lot of us have to use because of the toxins in the air and the exposure that we have no control of. having said that, i just think that everyone has said what needs to be said. this honorable committee will make educated decisions on this issue. i would like to
of racial profiling was brought to the attention add u.s. air ways ticket counter the naacp at the airport they are asking for the airlines to issue an apology and have the employees go through sensitive. he was arrested for refusing to leave the of flight. >> rice and york are going to talk about balance the athletics and education. they help at risk boys. >> august 1st it will be nine months since% francisco giants brought home of the world series trophy. now the giants are looking for a baby they can call their own there in this is a contest where they are looking for the baby was born closest to when the giants won the world series title. parents' have until july 31st entered the contest. >> it is 6:52 a.m. and we are checking that fog and san francisco is under overcast conditions . [ man ] i got this new citi thankyou card and started earning loads of points. you got a weather balloon with points? yes i did. [ man ] points i could use for just about anything. ♪ ♪ there it is. [ man ] so i used mine to get a whole new perspective. ♪ [ male announcer ] the new citi thankyou premi
hall. more than 100 community activists attended the noon rally to support the 20-year-old. the naacp said marman's only crime as a u.s. airways passenger was being black with baggy pants. >> you say you want your pants to be pulled up? we say pull up justice in athis land. >> most of the anger was directed at u.s. airways when yanked him off the flight. the gate agent told marman to pull up his pants after complaining it was sagging below his knee autos my pants were not even below the knee autos marman told abc 7 that crew members repeatedly harassed him, and after he pulled up his pajama pants. the captain made a citizen's arrest after calling police. marman jailed on a charge of trespassing. the controversy escalating after a passenger released these photographs showing that u.s. airway as loued this man on a flight dressed in womens' under wear. the picture was displayed on tee shirts worn by rally participants today. >> if this is the appropriate attire for u.s. airways why was deshawn asked? why are we here protesting for his name toob cleared?. >> the young man's mother change
morning which commute and so far so good on the roadways. >> and members of the naacp will picket airlines over the arrest of a man that was wearing baggy pants. i'm kristen sze. >>> emotions are running high in san francisco over police fatally shooting a man during a case. it happened in the city's bayview district over the weekend. today protestors will call for a change. amy hollyfield is live in the newsroom with the latest. >>> police say the 19-year-old they shot was armed, but he fired at police first and he was a person of interest in the shooting in seattle that left a woman dead and three others injured. but people in the community are very upset over the shooting and they want the f.b.i. to get involved. at the time of the shooting police did not recover a gun but a major developments surfaced on youtube. look closely. you can see see a handgun lying near the suspect's body and then someone grabbed a gun. because of the video police say they were able to recover a gun they say was used. they won't release details how it was found but it was a parole's home. he is frustrated tha
alcaldia contra la linea aerea u.s airways a quien acusan de racismo... ---la "naacp" asegura que los empleados de la aerolinea actuaron de forma racista contra el joven de 20 aÑos deshon marman al exigirle que se subiera sus pantalones "zaggy" en junio pasado... ---marman fue arrestado en esa oportunidad... ---us airways asegura que los empleados de la linea aerea que discutieron con marman son afroamericanos. take vo ---al parecer existe poca comunicacion entre el departamento correccional y el de salud mental para determinar a los convictos sexuales... esto le estaria generando al estado millones de dolares en perdidas... ---una auditoria estatal encontro que el departamento de correccional es no sigue las guias y tratamientos para ofensores sexuales que establecen los funcionarios del estado. stop open roll open cu ---regresamos con blanca garza en directo desde el famoso templo mormon de oakland... ---te escuchamos blanca... take live take weather cam in plasma cu ariel rodriguez tiene el pronostico del tiempo....... roll open roll open take pkg muchas gracias a traves de toda n
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 119 (some duplicates have been removed)